Corporate law, commercial law, employment law – call it what you will, if it relates to a business, we can help. We could list all of the “legal” issues we handle, but you’d only fall asleep reading it.

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No Drama.

We don’t overdramatise problems to justify our existence - If you can avoid using a lawyer through common-sense, we’ll tell you. If there’s a solution you can apply yourself, we’ll tell you. If we can train you to do it, we’ll tell you.

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No Egos.

We’re not afraid to ask the questions that might make us look silly (because they’re the ones that provide the most insightful answers). We have no ivory towers or egos we’re just very very good at what we do.

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Get it?

We think there’s a better way and it’s time lawyers acted a bit more like your business. Our approach isn’t for everybody, we like to work with enlightened SMEs that “get it”, the ones that want to go places, do exciting things, and not be afraid to disrupt a little in the process.

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Join Us!

We’re always looking for the right people. People willing to walk a mile in a client’s shoes. People who are bursting with enthusiasm to create a different kind of law firm.

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